Cannes Film Festival

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Cannes Film Festival. A couple weeks of the year when sleepy seaside town Cannes transforms itself into Disney Land for the Stars..
It was the first year I have been invited, and oh my goodness, it its defiantly the whirlwind I imagined.
Some incredible invites came through the post, and after a lot of ummmming and arrrrrring, the day before... I booked the flights!
Talk about last minute!
It was about midnight monday and we were flying Tuesday afternoon… Rosie had no idea haha.
She woke up to four hundred very excited voicemails from me explaining to pack a bag, we were off to Cannes.. :)

 I turned my cupboard upside down and realised that everything i packed was… yes… white! Taking only hand luggage for a week,

It was a bit of a squeeze… but we did it!
We hoped on the plane, (that we almost missed) and made a very girly (and ambitious) pact that we were going to only wear heals,
if Gossip Girl can do it, so can we! haha (maybe not the best of ideas)
Along and beautiful lunch at the infamous Eden Rack hotel..
(I used to come here as a kid, and have a very embarrassing story with the diving board, but maybe should save that one haha)
 Arriving at our hotel we realised we were already late for the Ball, threw on some dresses
and were off to explore the super Glamorous Cannes….

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