Granger & Co, Notting Hill.

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Saturday Morning in the city means two things, brunch and Portobello market…
Its the start of Autumn, so thought I would wear my new boots :)
Sun shinning we speed through the park... to come across the horses, very British

As its my first restaurant post I decided to do it on one of my favourite restaurants in town.


I never was one for saving the best till last.

Granger is in the heart of Notting Hill,

its an Aussie Restaurant, which already makes its amazing (have a little weakness for all things Aussie – I lived then when I was 18)

Surrounded by the trendy shops of Westbourne Grove, its a sort of honey pot for the beautiful and slightly bohemanan londoners.

The Nottinghillers. (yes, defiantly a made up word :) )

 The Food is insane. Especially the brunch menu, which fortunately serves all day,

So on a Saturday, you don't reeeaaallllllyyyy have to get out of bed until the afternoon ;)

But be warned, on a Saturday morning, come rain or shine, there are queues around the block!!!

Which yes, is crazy, but the food is SO delicious!

 My favourite is the Banana and honeycomb Maple Syrup Hotcakes.

The are made fluffy with ricotta and are the best pancakes I have ever tried :)

We also had the the full english, well I think its called the full Aussie, (but its really just a good old english fry up)

The minni saussages and the scrambled eggs are my favourite...

I think they make them with cream, super unhealthy... but a great saturday morning treat :)



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