Sunshine and Sand

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So its day 3 and we decided to do... absolutely nothing :)

Its kind of a holiday must, isnt it?

It was fun exploring the town, Mykonos is renowned for its partying, and yes, as the night goes on the town gets crazier and crazier,

its sort of Greece's version of Ibiza.

But to be honest, we we were kind of just looking to chill.

After exploring the beaches in our Bug, we headed back to Namos...

I just got these beautiful pieces form  Monica Vinader...  I absoutly love gold jewellery on the beach. Check out her collection, Its really cool.

After so much fruit and juices and trying to be healthy we thought, f*** it, lets get cake!

Leaving the beach and covered in sand we headed to the one and only American bit to Mykonos, Starbucks.

I have to say It was kind of prettier than our Starbucks. It was on a hill and the sun was shining. Bit bad to be going to a Starbucks when abroad...

So we decided to try the local favourite.... COCONUT Mocha Frappachinos!

We left the beaches and headed home, back to the hotel, somehow on holiday the hotel becomes 'home'...

We arrived back barefoot and still covered in sand.

I love that just off the beach holiday feeling,


I used this stuff when I was younger, and I remember always being asked what my perfume was,

it was kind of my secret thing, lame i know,

I got it on Holiday in St Baths, but came across it recently in some beach shops. Gosh its AMAZING!

Its just perfume and body moisturiser,

but its a little bit more like an oil, and leaves the most beautiful sheen on the skin.

Chilling comfy clothes we watched the sun go down.

The hotel puts on outside movies by the sea in the evening, under the stars, Its incredible.

Perfect end to the holiday and back to chilly England!


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