Columbia Road Flower Market

Posted by Kimberley Garner on

Hey, Happy Sunny Sunday.
Absolutely loving this weather. London completely changes when its sunny, people become friendly and the atmosphere is awesome!
I love exploring and doing new things, it seems to be something that is easy to do when on holiday and in a new place, so I have decided to treat London as if I am new here, and go explore new areas.
Sunday we headed over to brick lane, on Boris bikes, yes, its a long way!
We heard there was a great flower market called Columbia Road.
Its really buzzy, with heaps of flowers and people bargaining over the price.
Its beautiful, and feels kind of timeless, like could easily have gone back to London in the Sixties.
We bought enough flowers to fill the house, all for a tenner :)
If you haven't been I can't recommend it enough on a Sunny Sunday.

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