Ibiza Bootcamp

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I received this amazing invite to a bootcamp in Ibiza. Picked up from the airport by the gorgeous Olivia, I arrived at the villa to meet the girls.
There were about 15 of us and straight away we became a little team.
All there for different reasons, some to get fit, some to loose weight and others to just have a new experience.
As the week went on we got to know each other really well and met some of the most lovely people.
I have always loved sugar, cakes chocolate bars, anything sweet. This seemed to work great, I always felt bouncy happy and never really saw it as a problem.
But as time has gone on I have realised that its actually really bad, and so for me, this week away was about breaking that sugar habit.
I had no idea how hard it would be. The first three days I felt a little teary, jumpy and totally not myself. Missing sugary food was all I could think about, my body felt so low.
By day 4 I woke up and felt amazing, my skin was glowing, and instead of spiking with energy, I felt well all day. Slept like a baby and was wide awake the next morning.
We had a very nutritious diet planned out, it was full of heathy recipes I never knew existed, and was actually really delicious.
The days would start at 6.30, with a hardcore bootcamp, or hill runs (I happened to still be asleep on the hill runs morning)
Followed by breakfast. Then a full day of work outs, running round the ibiza hills, horse riding, paddle boarding, yoga, Pilates, boxing, pretty much anything you can imagine.
The day was totally packed.

Before this week I was not fit at all, not even a little bit. I would try and do a ballet class every week but never took working out too seriously.
I arrived home from ibiza and different person, I felt so strong. I was able to pick up things I never could before, and was waking up full of energy.
Its a very intense week but I feel it has set me up, and I am really excited to keep it up.
I was the best experience and I can’t wait to do it again.
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