No. 11 Pimlico Road

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Weekend comes and after a long working week there is nothing nicer than turning off, sleeping in and heading out to a late brunch.
I have my favourites, but don’t you find you sometimes get stuck going to the same place?
So, we decided that its time to try somewhere new.
We headed to No. 11 Pimlico Road, located right in the heart of Pimlico.
With big windows and a beautiful interior, it was chic, buzzy and totally what we were looking for.
We started with some fresh juices - mango and a very healthy green kale and cucumber - just to counteract the Elderflower breakfast cocktails...
The Burger was great, too big to fit in your mouth, so kind of embarrassing, but yummy.
Super hungry, brunch is great because you can get away with ordering a table full of food (but its all fine if it is ‘Brunch’) Pancakes with a side of truffle mac and cheese?
Eggs Benedict, with ham and avocado was delicious, but my very favourite was the side of truffle mac and cheese. Honestly the best, if you go, definitely try it :)
 Totally full, the best way to start the weekend. No.11 Pimlico Road x

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