Mykonos 2012

Posted by Kimberley Garner on

So last summer was one of those summers when everything is so chaotic,  all I really needed was a week with my girlfriends.

Alex Bella and I booked a very very last minute trip to Mykonos.
It was late September so we got an amazing deal, and no crowds.. literally, none.
It felt a little like it was our own private island.
We could run around and play and be silly and there was no one to notice. It was perfect.
We have all been friends for so long (from church actually) and they are the sort of girls you know will always be there. True friends.
We spent the week eating far too much, lazing on the beach (yes it was still super hot!) and finding things to do on a very quiet Mykonos.
Bella got so fed up of me cuddling the local cats, she bought be these ears 
After a couple Strawberry daquries on the beach we decided we were invincible….
and the fact that non of us knew how to ride a scooter would not stop us..
its a good thing the greeks are friendly :)

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