A weekend in Beverly Hills 2012

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November came, and although it is one of my favourite months (basically because of fireworks night) I was called to LA to have some meetings.



As coincidence would have it my parents were just finishing a romantic few weeks there.


We met up for a few nights where I joined them at the very glamours Bel Air hotel in Beverly Hills.

Last time we were all here I was 11, and have the fondest memories of junk food and far too much shopping.
This time around was no dissapoinment.
I was met at the airport by my parents, who were so rested and happy. Theres something so special about family time and I really hold it dear to me.
Lucky thing is my parents are more like my friends. They tease and banter with me (sometimes a little too much haha)

I did my meetings and the rest was play.
The Bel air is beautiful, not to mention the bath robe. Much to the shock of the americans,
there was no getting me to wear anything else.
I even bought it. haha.

We took roller skates down Santa Monica, but of a cliche, but it was actually really fun.

When you think of LA you probe think, beach, sun, bikinis, hot boys with surfboards.

Nope. Having packed JUST summer dresses I lived in… my one and only coat. and leggings. yes, it does even get cold in LA.

A 24 hour cupcake machine, which sings as you walk past. How awesome would it be to have one of these at home!

Whist feeling touristy, we visited Universal Studios, I have to say I actually prefer it to Disney Land.

Loved the mouse - not so much the monkey...

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