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With Christmas only a few days away, a few friends decided to check ourselves in for a bit of a seasonal get away. 
Friday evening and the boys picked us up in a giant Rolyes Royce, we bundled in, dog and all, and were off to the country.
Think famous five esq, with a touch of glamour. 
Chris Sam Gabby and Me, and Nissy. (yes my dog has a ridiculous name) 
Nissys name was quickly changed to Hunter, as the boys felt this was much more suited.
Babington is a home from home, its a big house in the country, 
The weekend was spent eating cosy christmas food around the fire,
watching old movies, and playing endless games of truth or dare. 
loosing, and running through the fields wearing
a little less than I would have liked in the middle of the night in December. 
We lost the dog, several times. and Gabby and I even managed to fit in a girly couples massage.
I wish I had taken more pictures, but I guess thats always the way.
If you have not been to Babington, I really recommend it. Its a really special place.

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