Hyde Park In Autumn

Posted by Kimberley Garner on

So today feels like the first day of Autumn. But I wont believe it :) am fighting winter coming by wearing a skirt

Sunday morning lye in I was woken up by the sunshine streaming in through the curtains.

Its really lovely waking up and having a completely free lazy day. I called my girl Rosie and we headed to Hyde Park for a bit of a wonder. Its right by my home and a really lovely chunk of green in the midst of the city.

Yes! Leaves! being a bit of a kid :)

This is going to sound kind of crazy but absolutely fell in love with this little squirrel. Yes, crazy I know :)

If I could have kept him as a pet, I would. He's awesome.


 We garbed some hot chocolates. Super healthy breakfast ;) and hoped on a rowing boat.

This was completely unplanned and we were the only ones on the lake.. but just seemed like a good idea.

Neither of us could row, so it was such a giggle. Playing around and trying to push each other in I managed to drop the awe! We had to be towed back to shore! whops..



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