Soho Meets Coachella

Posted by Kimberley Garner on

As the sun is set over the California desert, Coachella was just heating up.
With lots of parties dotted around the Palm Springs area, we headed to the Soho House Group Pop up party.
In true Soho style the crowd was very cool, chic and a little bit edgy..
I somehow managed to bump into the only Londoners at the party, it is so nice to see some familiar faces whilst abroad.
We really felt a million miles away from home, not really knowing how we ended up there,
let alone in the middle of the desert. Its kind of just what I needed.
  We just hung out, danced, watched the stars and chatted about life, feeling very small in the massive expanse of the desert around us.
Its crazy to think we had only been in america for two days… really excited for the next few weeks….

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