Tribal Style LA Workout

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Just arrived back in LA and we feel awweefffullll…
Amazing party weekend at Coachella, but after getting of the longest flight then heading to the desert, we were in need of some healthy living.

Sun Shining, Bella and I ventured out on a health kick mission. We found a place called FitMix..

We found this awesome class, I am not a big fan of the gym,

I find I get bored and don't really understand what the machines are meant to do, so I try and ind new fun ways to work out.

This one was my weirdest find so far… I didn't plan to write about today, but the class was so crazy It needed it.

So we signed up for Pilates, this class had no similarity to Pilates at all! So it was a mix of Hip Hop, hard core Rock and a bit of Britney (yes!)

At 9 am after no sleep we walked in, saw the sticks and thought, oh no, what have we gotten ourselves in for...

It was a class of about ten, with a beautiful fiery instructor, it was a mix of Dance,
but kind of tribal style, where you hit the sticks together…
Sounds silly and crazy, yes.. but my goodness it worked! a day later and am still feeling it!

Class ended, Bella and I went on a search for brunch, but the healthy kind. 

We went to this great little cafe on 3rd called Berri's
Its got a yummy brunch menu… heaps of fresh organic juices. 

Feeling much much better we sat outside in the sunshine and watched the world go by.
Its nice to be back in LA, Coachella was fun, but I do love the city. 



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