The Good Life

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Its been a pretty crazy busy few weeks at work, rushing around I find I go for a pack of biscuits or a cake over something healthy.

Its fine for a little while, but after a few days I really realise how important GOOD food is.

The Good Life is a small but bustling cafe in South Kensington, it opened about a year ago, and ever since I have never seen it without a queue.
Its one of Cheslea's hidden gems.

Wooden tables,  'yummy mummies' and handsome bankers on a gym break, its is very much a local Chelsea hotspot...
but getting a seat on the weekend is definitely a challenge.

The Good Life is one of the many cafes now pushing the cold press juices trend.

This is a system that presses the juice without any heat at all, making sure it keeps all its vitamins and goodness.

Fresh juices seem to be 'all the rage' at the moment, and they really are a great way to get in some vitamins on the go.
I love the 'drink your salad' idea... its pretty horrible tasting, but packed with all important vitamins and greens. It makes me feel like I'm being really good.

The menu is packed with protein and lots and lots of kale. Its simple, filling and very healthy yet satisfying.
We had the quinoa bowl with poached eggs, simple but I must admit I am craving it now even writing this post!

I then cheekily ordered the granola and coconut yogurt (made from just coconut). Its very yummy but also packed with nuts seeds, and goji berries, making it lovely and sweet. The little berries are counted as a 'superfood'!
A big title for such a small thing. They are apparently very, very good for you. A miracle food.
I really recommend you check this place out. Find out more about it here
Let me know what you think once you've been for yourself @KimberleyLondon.
Love Kimberley xx

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