Abbot Kinney

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 Completely fell in Love with Abbot Kinney. 

I didn't really plan to take pictures, so am sorry there are not heaps… 

Abbot Kinney is a little shopping street near Venice in Los Angeles.
Its a stones throw from the beach, with the most wonderful hippie chic atmosphere.
Its the only place in LA that I have seen people on bicycles,
lots of lovely brunch places and bohemian shops.


A girlfriend and I went for a hung over brunch and hit the shops
The style is different, its beachy and relaxed. Very natural and a little bit hippie. 




As the sun was setting we sped down the freeway to Malibu, about 25 minutes down the coast..
Half way there and our car completely broke down.

 We attempted jump starting it, and failed. I honestly have no idea how to use jump leads, but was funny trying.
Feeling adventurous and free from our day of wondering somehow hitch hiking to Nobu for dinner seemed the perfect idea 
Thankfully we met some fun young people, a spontaneous and different day. 

Starting to get in the swing of being away from home and London. Its funny, you really get to know yourself when traveling. Absolutely loving it. 

 PS bought this new hat - what do you think?


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