ASPCA Garden Party

Posted by Kimberley Garner on

Monday morning at breakfast and its mentioned that ‘a few people are coming over this evening,
What this really means in Beverly Hills is 200 .. 
The Party was to be held at the beautiful home that I have been staying, in aid of ASPCA, an animal charity focusing on…
Anulka is one of my mums dear friends, they modelled together in the 70s. Anulka has become my sort of LA Godmother,she is beautiful,  glamorous and ever so wild… 
Were both pretty mischievous and have such a laugh together.
Deciding to fill the house with flowers we headed to the Flower Market in Down Town LA
I love markets, haggling the prices, and coming away with far too many flowers.
We got back to a full house of caterers, and Colbie Caillat setting up to play a set in the garden. 
A garden party, Beverly Hills style. 
To my surprise when leaving the house in my sports gear, a full press board appeared outside the front door…
It was really magical having the party at home, as the glamorous crowd trickled in, 
It felt a little bit like when I was a little girl and my parents would have parties at the house. Am really starting to feel settled into LA.  

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