Malibu Goodbyes

Posted by Kimberley Garner on

So I headed to California for a one week Holiday with a girlfriend,  

6 weeks later, and I find myself still here.

Its been the craziest month and a half, I just haven't wanted to leave.
Everything seems to have gone right, which is kind of crazy.

We started our trip at Coachella, then headed to LA for the rest of the week. A lot of hotel hopping and getting lost, its so fun exploring a new city.

LA is one of those places that can be amazing, or very lonely.  
Everyone drives, everywhere! seeing a person walking down the street feels a little bit like seeing someone in the middle of the desert.

I made the most wonderful group of friends, they are gorgeous and fun and people who I want to know forever.

Saturday we headed down to a friends house in Malibu, about 30 mins down the coast from LA, right on the beach.

It was 35 degrees and the perfect way to spend a Sunny Saturday.

Lots of homemade frozen margaritas, tacos and guacamole, never was a fan of mexican food until coming to america,

where it seems to be a staple i have learnt to love.

They have made me feel so welcome, we are all leaving LA this week, so some time by the sea was the perfect way to say goodbye. 


Its amazing how a few weeks outside your comfort zone changes you, really wasn't ready to be out of London and away from home, but has actually been the best thing in the world. 

Am still a London girl through and through, but am starting to realise its not where you are, but the people you are with. 


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