Boy Next Doors Birthday

Posted by Kimberley Garner on

Really stuck into my work this morning when the door bell unexpectedly goes.
One of my oldest friends ollie, champagne in hand, grinning from ear to ear… 'I'm skipping work, its my birthday'
no other option to but to do the same :)
We headed to one of our favourite chilled lunch places, the Harrods Pizza bar.
Its a little gem, with a realllyyy long Q!
The waiters are all Italian and sporadically break into opera song throughout the day.
Its chilled and fun and has a buzzy, international atmosphere, a great break from wandering harrods.
Causing some mischief we snuck into the kitchen and attempted to helped make the pizzas  :)
The Food is delicious, but the pizzas are really big, so really recommend sharing one between two.. (unless your crazy hungry)

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