Ibiza Weekend

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Can anyone else believe this weather?
Its August and pouring with rain!
I was expanding a section of my swimwear company and set to buckle-down and work really hard, but bank holiday was approaching and my friend Isabelle invited me to stay with her in Ibiza. Best offer ever
So I sped through my work and booked a flight out from London City airport.
I have never done this before but wow, what an experience. Its tiny.
A little late, I got through security and onto my plane in 10 minutes, speediest airport experience ever!
Two hours later I arrived in sunny Ibiza and was met at the airport by Isabelle, who was keen to make the most of my 3 days. I convinced her that an adventure was a good idea, so we went straight to the ferry port, which was definitely the worst experience of the whole trip.
I thought it would be more fun to take a little dinghy, but half way across the sea I was very happy that Isabelle talked me out of the idea. The waves were massive! Imagine the ‘Perfect Storm’ movie… nah I’m just exaggerating, but similar.
Two very seasick girls, we arrived at shore and rented a scooter. Turns out I have no clue how to drive one of these, so Isabelle drove and I took lots of pictures :)
Formanterra is a little island off the coast of Ibiza, it bohemian and natural, a million miles away from the clubs of Ibiza. The beaches feel like the closest Europe has to the Caribbean.
We went on a big explore of the island, going down every off-road track we could find, with Taylor Swift on my little iPhone speakers. Its sometimes fun to just have a girly adventure.
Hungry and lost we came across 10.7, a beautiful beach bar.
The next day we woke up late and attempted a work out, after a very big dinner and a worryingly late night. Next we headed to Cotton Beach club for some late lunch. Isabelle hates the water and I love it, I really think I am a fish.
 bikini – KimberleyLondon.com
We bought a big lilo and paddled out to the middle of the sea, where we spent the rest of the day tanning and chatting as we drifted out as far as you can see.
Dinner in Ibiza starts late. 11.30 seating at Heart, a new restaurant that everyone was talking about. Weird, just very weird. It was a theatre style experience, with dancers and actors surrounding the tables. Very trendy with a night club vibe, but the food was not my favorite.
Having woken up after lunch and regretting the day was half gone, we decided to make up for it with our biggest adventure yet.
We had heard of a secret hippie rock pool cut into a cliff and had to find it. So we threw on bikinis and trainers, and set off.
When we got the top of the rock face I was amazed by the view. It hadn’t really crossed my mind that we would be climbing all the way down!
Rocks, followed by sand slopes, followed by really steep rocks.
When we had to climb down on our tummies because the drop was so steep, I started to wonder what I was doing, and if we would get back home again!
The pool was everything we hoped it would be, cut out of the rocks with the sea splashing in. It felt like we had really found the middle of nowhere. It was beautiful.
Starving, we made it back just before sunset for a bite to eat at El Chiringuito. This was my favorite restaurant in Ibiza, maybe ever. I know, big statement. It’s really just the truffle risotto, which I will think about maybe forever! If you ever go, please try it, just for me. Mmmm……
Ibiza was amazing.
Amazing company, amazing exploring. 3 days away and a thousand memories. Little breaks are the best and I can’t wait to explore somewhere new…

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