Goodbye Winter

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Heya, it feels like ages since I have written a blog. Been a very busy two months setting up everything for Spring swimwear 2015... and its almost done! I have felt like I have been hibernating and have spent far far too much time with my computer, lame I know!

But last week, like so many of us in England I got sick with that horrid flu thats been going round, if you have had it you know the one!
But it was actually kind of a good thing, it meant that I couldn't work so hard and gave me time to just chill. I had totally forgotten to look after myself.

Just recovered from the flu and in total need of some me time, headed to an afternoon at the Berkeley Spa.

Its at the top of the Berkley hotel in Knightsbridge, famous for its Blue Bar that does these amazing dry ice cocktails that smoke.. but will have to write about that another time... Today was all about health.

Full spa days are kind of pricey, but its best if you can book just an hour treatment, which means you can use the steam room and facilities.


The spa is owned by Bamford, and located on the top floor of the hotel, with surround views of the park. Its beautiful. The pool even has a retractable roof, so in the summer you can tan and stay warm in winter.


Its a little sanctuary in the middle of London.

We had lunch and steamed and treatments. The most lazy afternoon but so so needed after the flu. Springs almost here and I can't recommend it enough to wash away that winter feeling.



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